Download and install the Among Us mod menu to hack the Among Us game and activate cheat codes

by Mayank Bisht, Wednesday, 19 January 2022 (8 months ago)

By using Axey’s Among Us mod menu (APK) created by Axey, the game’s creator, you’ll be in complete command of your gameplay. By installing it on your Android device, you will be able to open a window in the game that will allow you to choose to activate a complete list of cheat codes. You can unlock all skins by activating an option, playing as the impostor 100% of the time, or casting various effects to interrupt other players’ progress. With the Among Us menu mod and its APK hack, you will be the game owner and dictate the rules to follow.

Below you can download the latest mod menu, a 100% working Among us APK hack for Among Us for your Android device in the latest version of the game. There are two versions of the Mod available, the full version with features that can be detected by the Among Us game developers and exposes you to a Ban if you abuse it too much or the light version that has fewer cheating features but is entirely undetectable, and therefore more interesting to limit the risk of being Ban. This menu mod can be regarded as a modified variant of the initial Among Us APK, can be downloaded to any Android phone and does not need a ROOT or OBB device.

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Download the Among Us hack mod menu and install it:

Among us mod menu

You can download it from the official Axey directory and we will leave you the two addresses just below. It’s up to you to determine if you want to install the complete version of the Mod Menu on your Android mobile or just the Mod Menu with all its cheating capabilities or if you’d prefer a lighter version with fewer capabilities; however, it is claimed to be undetectable by Axey.

Download the full version of the Among Us Mod Menu from here:

Download the light version of the Among Us mod menu from here:

How to install the Among Us mod menu:

If you’ve played the Mod in a previous version (the version in the guide below is 2020.11.17), you can download that version via the Mod menu at the top of the version before.

Delete the original game from your device.

Install the modified APK you just downloaded.

Grant the requested permissions when you launch the modified game for the first time.

Click on the new heading in the game to see all the cheating possibilities.

Activate the ones that interest you and enjoy!

Please note that you cannot use Google+; however, connecting to Facebook is still possible if you remove your Facebook app from the device. You can also log in to a specific game account like HIVE.

List of Among Us hack mod menu cheats features:

Once the Among Us mod APK is installed on your device, launch the game via the new icon and click on the heading that appears in the Among Us main menu before playing a game to open the Among Us hacking console. You can toggle on it for play; here are all the mod menu features in the order they appear when you open it.

  • It shows who is in the crew and who is the impostor.
  • No, wait between each impostor kill.
  • It immediately ends a vote.
  • Start an emergency meeting.
  • It allows you to have unlimited emergency meetings.
  • No, wait between each emergency meeting.
  • No waiting for gates (imposters, only).
  • Force everyone to enter.
  • Force everyone out.
  • Sabotage of lights.
  • Repair sabotage.
  • Change the torch distance.
  • Close the doors.
  • See Ghost + Cat.
  • Complete tasks.
  • Select the text.
  • Unwanted email.
  • It was changing colors.
  • Change the color of the vote.

Motion Menu Operations

Change the speed

Host Menu Operations

  • Always embody the impostor.
  • Finish the game (Impostors win).
  • Finish the game (crew wins).
  • Save immediately (activate before starting).
  • Assign random colors.
  • Add random hats.
  • Gives a random appearance.
  • Pick a random pet.
  • Change the name of each player.

How the account menu works

  • Instantly unlock all skins in the game.
  • Instantly unlock all pets in the game.
  • Instantly unlock all hats in the game.

Miscellaneous menu operation

  • Remove ads.
  • Cancel penalties when leaving a game.
  • Augmented report (but with errors).
  • Confirm the injection.
  • Long Kill.
  • Player 2/3 = Impostors (requires Impostor feature to be always on).
  • Passive Menu Operations
  • The chat is always visible.

Among Us Hacks for iOS and Android – Unlimited Skins, Pets, Hats Cheat

Among US Unlimited Cheat Skins, Pets, and Hats, Cheat is available for iOS and Android. This is Among US Cheat Online Generators was designed by the Astuce Jeux Francais Team and allows you to add as many Skins as you want offline and remotely directly on the web. Our generator sends the processed data to send information to the servers.

Among us, Impostors must be deceitful, always on their guard and willing to do anything to eliminate crewmates. Winds, Sabotages, Kills and Tasks, you have to be versatile, being as suspicious as possible. Among Us: The Good Impostor’s Guide, Tips and Tricks to Win

In Among Us, you can be assigned two roles: Crewmate or Impostor. One will have its objective to kill all the members of the opposing group, and the other will have to avoid the death of his companions. Achieving your goals is complicated when all eyes are on you and the slightest mistake in the end. Fortunately, there are tips for navigating and stealing the game from Crewmates! Kill at all discretions or not.

Several schools are fighting each other: Should we kill players in isolation or groups? Lone players are helpful during the early stages of the game: parties haven’t formed yet, and it’s harder to determine who was in their presence (especially if you join a distant party later). Be careful not to kill someone at the end of the game while all players are together (everyone will be innocent of each other). Among us, if you have killed a player alone, feel free to let him hang out and then report the corpse yourself for several minutes then, preferably by joining a group that can pardon him if he stays with them long enough. It is also possible to say whether a player fled through the air or charged an individual.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not good to immediately accuse someone unfairly. This will put you in a “him, if not him” position, which wasn’t very noticeable early in the game. Instead, it says, “There was no one there, I ran into X a little further away” or “I didn’t see X” in the game. Kill in front of someone at the end of the game and put it off immediately. If there are only two people left, it will be your word against his, and if you managed not to be a suspect during the game, he is almost in your pocket! You can also opt for a group kill. However, it will take a good group of players, all accumulated, to try. This situation is expected when the lights go out at the beginning of the game. Be careful to check that no guard supervises the mission (or kills him). Speaking of lights, feel free to take advantage of crewmates’ low field of vision. You see it much further than them and don’t forget it. (When voting, avoid bragging about seeing something you shouldn’t have noticed)

Among Us Hack for Android/iOS/PC

This Among Us mod APK is anti-ban: it means they won’t kick you out of the lobby, or if you got kicked or banned, you could re-enter the lobby.

Hacking is unlocked for all features within the Mod APK.


Features of Among Us Mod Hacks with Mod Menu APK:
  • APK Name: Among Us Mod APK (Mod Menu On)
  • Apk Version: 2020.10.22
  • Apk size: 70 months
  • Last update: November 4, 2020
  • Prize: Free
  • Android support: yes
  • Features of the Mod
  • Always an impostor.
  • Speed ​​trick.
  • Unlimited emergency meetings

No Lobby or Feedback: You will not face any problems like before you got kicked out of the lobby or kicked out of the lobby. If you want to fix this issue, download the Among Us Hack APK from the below download link.

Always Impostor: Are you bored of not becoming an impostor in the game and want to be an impostor every time?

No Cooldown: You can kill players on cooldown using this APK cheat so you can complete the game before it starts.

Speed ​​Cheat: This feature activates the speed cheat in the game, and you will be able to run fast.

Wallhack, similar to other titles, Among Us, also puts obstacles to your path. With this Apk file, you will be able to see the walls that block your way and use 2D radar.

Extra Features of the Among Us Mod APK that come with Mod Menu:

  • Unlimited Hats
  • Unlimited Skins
  • Unlimited Pets
  • Unlimited emergency meetings
  • ghost mode



  • Delete the old Apk file or the game that previously existed on the device.
  • Download the most recent Among Us MOD Apk for iOS by clicking on the following link.
  • Look for the damaged file; if it is, delete it immediately.
  • Once the download is completed after the download is complete, you can install the app onto your mobile.
  • Now open the APK Among us Mod HACK menu on your device.
  • Click on the mod menu to activate your favourite cheat and enjoy Among us Hack.


  • First of all, Download Among Us Mod Menu Hack on your iOS device from the download link given below.
  • Install Mod Menu Mod Hack on your iOS device
  • Now open the Among us Hack app on your iOS device and enjoy the Mode between our apps on your iOS device.


  • First of all, Download and Install Bluestack Android Emulator on your PC: How to Download and Play with Us on PC, Mac, or Free
  • Once done, download Among us mod Menu APK on your PC
  • Download the Among Us mod menu APK on your computer using Bluestack Emulator.
  • Open the hack/mod apk on your PC using Bluestack Android Emulator and enjoy the hack features of Among us Mod APK on your PC.

Download the Among Us Mod Menu APK / iOS Hack dernière version: Among Us Mod APK Menu APK with all the cheats. Download all the latest Apk games and applications.


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